Welcome to Punjab Public College of Nursing!

The onset of sophisticated technology has resulted in hospitals becoming large intensive care units, with cardiac monitoring, respiratory assistance and intense treatment becoming a growing part of the average patient’s plan of care. Today, hospitals face increased patient loads and escalating pressure to treat more people, more quickly. This in turn has led to growing demand for more skilled and specialized nurses, both in India and abroad.

Punjab public college of nursing – A venture of Nagpal group,

an endeavor towards the upliftment and empowerment of the girl child in this area.

Message by Principal

Punjab public college of Nursing aims to meet this critical challenge of preparing nurses for professional practice. At PPCN, students are taught the principles of Caring, Excellence and Integrity, and exposed to the finest of caring and learning environment, wherein they learn, grow, and flourish in the best traditions of professional education. With demographic changes over the coming decades expected to worsen the shortage of nurse aides in hospitals, nursing homes, and home health care settings, there lies a tremendous demand for specialised nursing professionals. The future opens up immense opportunities and a sojourn with Punjab Public College of Nursing opens up immense prospects.

Today’s healthcare delivery systems demands sophisticated, competent professionals with a background that enables them to work in varied settings. At Punjab public college of Nursing, students gain excellent academic exposure through various continuing nursing education programmes, conferences, workshops, an exhaustive library and visits of eminent personalities. Further, they also have the opportunity also have opportunity to get training out patient clinics, casualty, emergency, critical care units, operation theaters, inpatient wards, radio diagnostic units and central clinical laboratories in the teaching hospitals and hone their skills.

Aims and objective

  • To instill and develop an aptitude for nursing and acquire adequate knowledge and skill in giving comprehensive nursing care to patients in setting based on nursing theories and evidence based nursing practice.
  • To develop skill in recognizing and interpreting intelligently physical, mental and emotional manifestation of illness
  • To develop skill in critical thinking and problem solving abilities in providing quality nursing care
  • To prepare the students to be interdependent in the field of work after training period
  • To develop personal intellectual and professional qualities and practice ethical and moral principal involved in nursing profession while carrying out duties and responsibilities of respective field
  • To develop knowledge and skill in utilizing the modern technology in the field of nursing education and nursing practice
  • To prepare efficient nurse leaders, educator, practitioner and manager helping in promoting quality in nursing profession

Nursing has emerged as one of the most sought-after professions in the world today. No longer are nursing graduates limited to hospital-based inpatient care. Today’s graduates can find abundant opportunities in such fast-expanding areas as home care, community health, other outpatient sites, long-term care, schools, nursing management, as well as hospitals and ambulatory care settings.